Mr. Bonner believes in #OneFBISD, has a proven experience working with FBISD and communities for a sensible approach to solving educational disparities throughout the District. 

He is ready to serve and take advantage of the opportunity that the passing of the Bond election has brought, campus security concerns, hiring of school professionals, new schools to alleviate school overcrowding. He desires to be a voice for responsibility, accountability, and improving the future of the students in FBISD.

Overcrowding in our Schools

  • We must effectively address head on the issue of overcrowding that exists in our high schools.

Equity in Education

  • We must achieve a balance enrollment at our schools, so we achieve equity in education among all of our schools across the district. This is in all areas of opportunity, achievement, fairness, and funding.
  • Overcoming the disparities in our underserved schools so that an excellence in education is experienced across the district
  • Allocate funding to improve student success in Math, English, and Science
  • PTEC and Early College Credit Programs

Transparency and Accountability

  • Town hall meetings with communities
  • Student focused
  • Advertise, market, and rebrand schools in the Southeast portion of FBISD